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IBM – Miles Smarter
IBM - Miles Smarter

Drivers are behind the wheel of their connected cars at least 46 minutes a day. Imagine every driver, empowered with the world’s smartest co-pilot, that understands, learns, and interacts as it transforms travel time into ongoing enlightenment that grows smarter by the mile.

NHL – Official App
NHL - Official App

The official app for the NHL redesigned for the 2014-2015 season optimized for the Android and iOS platforms.

Oreo – Daily Twist
Oreo - Daily Twist

Oreo had a big birthday to celebrate. Its 100th, in fact. To commemorate the milestone, we set out to prove that at a century old, Oreo is as relevant as ever.

The Balvenie – The Roadshow
The Balvenie - The Roadshow

Digital marketing, mobile application and social campaign paired with tasting events.

Glenfiddich – Whisky iPad Tasting Companion
Glenfiddich - Whisky iPad Tasting Companion

iPad application to grow CRM members and align with ongoing global marketing platform.