IBM – Miles Smarter

Cognitive Mobility empowers driver with the world’s smartest co-pilot.

Drivers are behind the wheel of their connected cars at least 46 minutes a day, living life on the go as they negotiate the frustrations of gridlock and parking woes. They expect the same level of connectivity on the move that they get on their other devices. IBM’s cognitive mobility practice is meeting that expectation and reinventing time on the move. We’re drawing on our deep technologies, such as IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) for Automotive, advanced vehicle technology expertise for multimodal transportation, and telematics data, and uniting that knowledge with experience design to create a cognitive mobility marketplace.

From OnDash, our industry-first data-driven operating system, that injects human wisdom into the driving experience, to Olli, the first self-driving bus, to precision manufacturing for automotive, cognitive mobility is opening new avenues of innovation and growth beyond the sale and maintenance of vehicles. Imagine every driver, empowered with the world’s smartest co-pilot, that understands, learns, and interacts as it transforms travel time into ongoing enlightenment that grows smarter by the mile.