Oreo – Daily Twist

Facebook Studio Awards – Blue Award (Best in Show)
Cannes Lions (Grand Prix) – Cyber Lions
Cannes Lions (Gold) – PR Lions
Cannes Lions (Silver) – Direct Lions
Cannes Lions (Silver) – Media Lions
Cannes Lions (Bronze) – Promo & Activation Lions
CLIO Awards (Gold) – Digital/Mobile (Social Media)
CLIO Awards (Silver) – Content & Contact
CLIO Awards (Bronze) – Engagement
CLIO Awards (Bronze) – Digital Mobile Technique (Graphic Design)
2013 Webby Nominee in the Food & Drink
North American Effie Awards – Snacks, Desserts, Confections – Gold
North American Effie Awards – Small Budgets, Projects – Silver
North American Effie Awards – Brand Experience – Bronze
2013 IAB MIXX Award – Social Marketing – Gold

Oreo had a big birthday to celebrate. Its 100th, in fact. To commemorate the milestone, we set out to prove that at a century old, Oreo is as relevant as ever.

We took a close look at the demographic makeup of Oreo’s online communities and uncovered an interesting finding: Millennials, not just moms, were some of the time-tested brand’s most passionate supporters.

The strategy was to become more relevant with the Millennial crowd by re-imagining pop culture through the eyes of Oreo. The program, Daily Twist, was an ambitious exercise in real-time culture-jacking. Oreo kicked things off with a simple visual of a six-layer rainbow Oreo cookie. The caption read: Pride.

The rest, as they say, is history. From the momentous Mars Rover landing to the rapid rise of Psy’s Gangnam Style¬†video, Oreo was in the thick of it. We created a brand newsroom, scouring pop culture for the top storylines and hosting editorial meetings to collaborate on each day’s top headline. Following this process, a new piece of social content was created every day for 100 days.

The pivot from a snack company to a media-minded company required Oreo to dramatically change its approach to marketing. Real-time content creation and a new eye for relevancy propelled a newly-nimble brand to the center of the cultural dialogue.

Now that Oreo was at the center of the conversation, it was time to put the brand at the center of the universe in Times Square for an unprecedented live event. For the big finale the 100th Daily Twist we invited our online communities to pitch us their own story ideas, and then let them vote on their favorites. Real-time polling results displayed on the towering buildings that surrounded our glass-encased newsroom and when the winner was selected, the brand and agency teams designed the content in reality TV fashion.

By the end of the 100 days, Oreo became a living, breathing part of culture and people (especially Millennials) looked at the brand in a completely new way. According to some of our industry colleagues, we set a new standard for marketing in the digital age.

Fan engagement soared. We saw a 280% increase in Facebook shares and 510% increase in re-tweets on Twitter. The content series garnered more than 1 million Likes on Facebook – or 10,000 Likes per post, on average.

Oreo became a fixture in the press for the duration of the campaign, earning praise and mention from outlets like the New York Times, Huffington Post, Mashable, ABC News, CNN and BuzzFeed. These and thousands of other placements produced more than 230 million earned media impressions.

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