In a multi-phased approach, updated the entire section of NHL.com/stats in conjunction with the SAP design and statistical development team. Currently deployed is Phase 1, with Phase 2 and 3 coming shortly.

The goal, similar to other digital products, was to highlight and promote the players, and teams. Smaller details, such as robust head shots and full player names were used to build a better image of the breadth of players and their talent. While larger items such as deeper sorting and filtering functionality were also introduced to encourage more usage of the stats portion of NHL.com. Also new to the NHL stats was the introduction of a true homepage (yes, until this point in time there was no means to start the user experience with the stats data). The goal of the homepage was to encourage a deeper dive of consumption, expose experienced users to more data types, introduce the data categories to newer users and expose historical milestones for team and/or players.